Week 2 Media Arts

This week we were placed into our groups for our film assignment. I’ll be working with Tim, Tim, Ferda, Aly and Maylia. We decided to call our group a “Ferda and friends production’. During our tutorial we worked on the ‘pre-production’ stage – which included Planning and story boarding. Which is a starting point for our future film project. Gibson, R el at. P. 98 (2011) states, that the same kind of storyboarding completed for our film (see below) should also be implemented in the classroom as it allows for students to pay attention to the sequence of shots, camera angles used and layout.

Shown below is the draft of our storyboard for our film

“Being Fly”

film image

We decided that we would use the word ‘fly’ as a being verb. Our story is centred around a boy trying to impress a girl. In the hopes of doing so, he learns how to become fly. As seen above in our storyboard you will notice that we tried to use a wide variety of shots and angles to help tell the story.



Gibson, R., & Ewing, R. (2011). Transforming the curriculum through the arts. South Yarra, Vic.: Palgrave Macmillan.



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