Week 3 Media Arts

In today’s tutorial we had a classroom discussion on the different techniques and lingo that can be used within our films. This included the basics such as – cutting, slow motion, speed, and music. We were also able to watch a short film made by our tutor Kirsty McGeoch, which was called ‘A summer’s afternoon’. Our tutor kindly went through all of the different aspects of the film and the different techniques she used such as filming at different times of the day, cutting out different scenes to show difficulty and a compatible sound and image combination. I feel that this really helped set the mood and tell the story within a really short amount of time.

I believe that having the right sound and image combination in our film to help tell the story will be most important, as our film will only be 1 minute long. Gibson, R el at. P.95 (2011) also agrees that sound and image plays an important part in the interpretation of a film. At the end of our tutorial we also got to film some scenes for our movie.

Check out what we have done so far!


Gibson, R., & Ewing, R. (2011). Transforming the curriculum through the arts. South Yarra, Vic.: Palgrave Macmillan.


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