Week 4 Media Arts

During our tutorial we continued to discuss editing. The main aspects that we focused on included – communicating meaning by sequencing images. This is important as; it will help tell the story of our film with a clear and organised structure (Anderson, M. el at 2009). We were also recommended to use music, which was copyright free as we won’t be able to post our videos publicly if it gets flagged on a video sharing website. Below I have listed a few sites that contain copyright free music.

This will be most helpful when it comes to editing our film in the future. At the end of our tutorial will were given a chance to finish up filming our movie. Here is our film which is still being edited and played with! We’ve added some more music and tried to blend our scenes in more smoothly . We were still experimenting with different angles and cuts! Enjoy!


Anderson, M. & Jefferson, M. (2009). Teaching the screen. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin.


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