Week 9 Dance

This week during Dance we looked at the body and how it can be used as a instrument and a tool to ‘explore ideas through movement’ (acara, 2013).

We worked on some core body skills that help us use our bodies in a move efficient manner. This included:

  • Strength (planking, sit ups, squats)
  • Coordination (locomotor movements, hokey pokey)
  • Balance (yoga, balancing with a friend)
  • Flexibility (yoga, upward dog, one leg standing pose, shapes)
  • Stamina (planking, tag games e.g. fox and geese)

During our group activities we worked with a stimuli of spoken words. Simply put, our tutor would call out with some key terms such (up and down, fast and slow, small and large) using these words we needed to create an 8 beat dance. We only had 2 minutes to complete this task, however, in the classroom this could be a whole 40 minute lesson.


ACARA. (2013). Australian Curriculum: The Arts Foundation to Year 10. Retrieved March 7, 2014 from http://www.acara.edu.au/verve/_resources/Australian_Curriculum_The_Arts_2_July_2013.pdf




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