Week 8 Music

This is our final week of Music this semester and in class we worked on linking music to other KLAs. During the beginning of our lesson we were placed into groups and given a different subject to use along with Music. My group was given English and we decided that rap and poetry linked in well with the English syllabus (board of studies, 2011). Other groups also made the suggestion of using Dance in P.E, Musical patterns that could used in maths, Measuring the Volume of sounds in Science and The history of indigenous and Australian music in HSIE.

Music can also be a great tool to use in storytelling. We look at Henry and Amy by Stephen Michael King. Both these books had elements, which could be further explored with Music. Using the book Henry and Amy, the Teacher could provide musical sounds which shared similar traits of Henry and Amy. For example Messy, unorganized jazz sounds to represent Henry’s personality and clear, simple, pop sounds to represent Amy’s personality.


NSW Board of Studies. (2006). Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus.  Sydney: Board of Studies NSW


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