Week 11 Dance

This week in dance we looked at exploring space. This is a main component in dance as it allows for the ‘shaping of action’. Some on the aspects of space include:

  • Pathway (separating and creating space)
  • Personal space (to show distance, alone)
  • Levels (more interesting and dynamic)
  • Direction (to explore different stories and movement)

During our tutorial we were placed into a partnership where we were asked to represent a stimulus. My group was given mirror, so we had create a dance where we were mirroring each others moves within the space provided. During our dance my partner and I decided to use levels (high and low) and mirroring different directions (left and right) to create an interesting effect.

When teaching students how to use space during dance it is important to note how much area they would need as well as the safety of other students (NSW board of studies, 2006, p.20)



NSW Board of Studies. (2006). Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus.  Sydney: Board of Studies NSW


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