Week 12 Dance

dance 2

This week was our final week of Dance for the semester! The main focus was on the cross curriculum link between dance and literacy and how Teachers can Integrate dance within other subjects to help build student engagement and creating a connection between literacy and movement (AusDance, 2012).

Our stimulus for this tutorial was the picture book “Henry and Amy” by Stephen Michael King. We used this book to introduce the concepts of contrasting characters and opposites such as:

–          Straight/wiggly

–          Up/down

–          Sunny/raining

–          Right/wrong

We explored different activities that helped reinforced the images and words from the stimulus. One of my favorites included using one of the words from the word bank and having to use our bodies to represent that word. We then had to find our ‘opposite’ without using any words while we travelled around the room. I look forward to implementing this activity while on my future practicum. We also played a game called ‘Pass on the action”. Where we had to copy an action and pass it on to the next person in a similar way to Chinese whispers. This game was great to help with quieting down the class, as it requires great concentration and communication skills.


AusDance. (2012). Why Dance Literacy.  Retrieved june 7th, 2014 from http://ausdance.org.au/articles/details/why-dance-literacy


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