Week 10 Dance

During this weeks tutorial we explored dance, using dynamics (Gibson, R. el at 2011). We first began to explore the space by simply moving around the room to music. Our tutor called out different directions such as quick or extended; direct or indirect; and light or heavy to move through space.  It was explained that this would be a good warm up activity to use for all stages. As it allowed for the dancer to simply perform the first, natural move that comes to mind with the associated word.

These activities lead on to group work where we experimented with ‘greetings’ (kiss, handshake, wave, bow) and we also used some key verbs on the whiteboard to help us perform these greetings (dart, smooth, float, dash) as a stimulus. Using all of these different elements our group had to create a 2 8 beat dance to the track “Revolting Children”.  Once all groups were competent in there 8 beat dances, we all a our class danced together with the help of timing from our tutor. This dance was successful as it was well scaffolded from the start of the tutorial.

Watch our video below!


Gibson, R., & Ewing, R. (2011). Transforming the curriculum through the arts. South Yarra, Vic.: Palgrave Macmillan.


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